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Autoglass Restore International OU

Vagngatan 8D, 70227 Örebro

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tasc 2019 hall map (ABH): stand B29

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Håkan Rönnholm

Founder and owner

+372 61 89 266


Daniel Widström



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Automotive Glass
  • 01.10  Tools


  • 02  Smart Repair and Car Detailing (Interior/Exterior)
  • 02.01  Laminated glass repair
  • 03  Cleaning, Care and Accessories
  • 03.04  Polishing technology

Our products

Product category: Laminated glass repair

Our Systems / Kits

There are two windshield repair systems, Basic and Prime. The difference between these are the way we cure the resin. Basic kit contains a specially calibrated UV-LED flashlight. Prime comes with our UV-Triple+, the worlds first UV-lamp that is programmed to cure the resin in a whole new way for the windshield repair market.

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Product category: Laminated glass repair

MegaVac with new easy mount

MegaVac is our most powerful vacuum injector.

This Vacuum Injector is designed and manufactured in Sweden. The basic idea of the function is a further developement from an old system that has existed since 1986.

Over the years, the systems have evolved and the differences with this system against the origin are noticeable. All changes and developments both inside and outside are significant.

The solutions are simple but still very logical. This system is designed to help the technician make the repairs in a quick and easy way, yet providing a high quality final result.

An additional strong reason for choosing MegaVac is our low price for such high quality. Our closest competitor takes MORE than the double the amount for their cheapest injector. Nevertheless, you fix both faster, make it easier, and still maintain the highest quality with this tool.

This injector can be ordered in different colors to suit your brand at an additional cost.

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Product category: Laminated glass repair

Our different UV-curing lamps

Complete curing of the resin is very important in a glass repair. The resin is cured by a special UV light.
Autoglass Restore has the UV lamps that the workshops need!

Our resins are made for curing at 365 nm wavelength so all the lamps use high-quality LEDs with this wavelength. 

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Product category: Polishing technology

Glass Scratch removal system. Formula X

Now we have solve a method to take away deep and large scratches on glass. It goes faster and are more easy than before. We can do it in all types of glass.

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About us

Company details

The start
Håkan has worked with windshield repairs since 1991. Under the years he has managed to collect a large amount of experience in this field.

-I started training personnel for glaziers, service stations and others in the service industry already in 1995. The problems I faced was always that the tools weren’t constructed in a starter friendly way. You had to teach a “feeling” at how to handle the tools. This made the courses take a lot of time, often a day or even more because some of the personnel had a hard time repairing even after the course.
With this in mind he now began to plan and sketch his own tools. And also new methods to repair more efficiently and easier than before. The first sign that it worked was the time needed for education. It was drastically shortened. Now you could hold the courses for bigger groups in a shorter time. This without lowering the quality of the content.

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