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Petec Verbindungstechnik GmbH

Wüstenbuch 26, 96132 Schlüsselfeld
Telephone +49 9555 809940
Fax +49 9555 8099425

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Michael Richter


+49 177 6449005


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Automotive Glass
  • 01.09  Bonding technology

Our products

Product category: Bonding technology

K&D body adhesive and sealant

Fast curing, elastic single-component adhesive and sealant on a polyurethane base, which hardens due to humidity.

  • wide adhesion spectrum, strong adhesion
  • capable of sealing gaps of different sizes
  • permanent sealing effect, permanently elastic and vibration-resistant
  • can be re-coated, silicone free, weatherproof and UV-resistant
  • non-corrosive, resistant to diluted acids and alkali solutions

Universal applications in body and container construction: Sticks metal (raw, primed and varnished sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel) and many plastics as well as wood and glass, e.g. during sealing work of metal constructions, highly loaded joints, adhesion of vibrating parts.

Temperature and high humidity accelerate the hardening process, can be re-varnished once fully hardened.


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Product category: Bonding technology

Spray adhesive

  • several uses, even for styrene and absorptive material
  • clean and easy to apply
  • transparent adhesion,the adhesive does not depress
  • resistant to water and salt water

For adhesion on large surfaces of leather, foam, rubber, textiles, felt, wood, cork, cardboard, paper, insulating mats, plastic, metal and much more.

Apply adhesive evenly on both surfaces that are to be bonded, take note of the airing time, and abide by the processing temperature.

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Product category: Bonding technology

Window & body sealant

Long-lasting adhesion of windows & body sealants made of butyl rubber for permanent sealing of front, rear, and side windows, body and hang-on parts.

  • permanent adhesion, does not harden
  • can be dabbed on by itself
  • permanent sealing of all materials
  • reliably prevents the infiltration of damp, dirt and draught
  • resistant to water, salt water, as well as diluted acids and alkaline solutions

For permanent sealing of joints, cavities, overlaps, knocks, seams on body and windows (e.g.mudguards, headlamps, tail lights, sunroofs, front, rear and side windows).

Surplus material can be dabbed on to itself.


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About us

Company details

PETEC is a medium-sized, modern and forward-thinking company located
in Schlüsselfeld in Upper Franconia.

Our extensive range of chemical products gives our customers the right
products for professional and perfect results.

Ever since the company was founded in 1991 we have been focused on
quality and the continual development of new techniques which has been
key to our success in the market place.

The strength of relationship we have with our customers means we can
offer a premium service and support, a quality management system, certified
products, advice on use and training, as well as adding value to ongoing
product development and system solutions.

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