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Product category: Franchising and Workshop Concepts

Consul 2 post lift 2.50 EL Forklift

Product Description:
Robust and reliable 2-post lift suitable for Forklifts. Capacity 5.000 kg.

Design features:
• Special rolled section column
• Carriage guided by 6 rollers
• Bronze load and safety nuts
• Collapsed load nut raise mechanical lock-down feature
• Acoustic foot protection
• Oil dispenser for supporting lubrication
• Softline push button control with protection against maloperation
• Electronic synchronization
• Separate main switch (can be locked as required by CE)
• Special telescopic swivel arms, 3-part, double extendable
• Drive via 2 V-belt motors with thermal protection and electr. brake
• Protection class IP 54, Socket 230 V, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

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Product category: Franchising and Workshop Concepts

Optional platform for light adjustment for 4 post lifts

Product Description:

The light adjustment system (LEG) needs to be mounted to the original guide rails which are provided by the manufacturer of that system.
The channel section is used as an additional protection to prevent the light adjustment system from falling down. The LEG can be fitted to every Consul 4-post lift. For installation on existing lifts the exact type of lift and light adjusting system is required upon order. The beam is equipped with fixtures to be adjusted to the crossbeam and the floor. Drive-on ramps can be mounted on both ends.

Design features:
• Beam with galvanized grating
• Guard rail made of galvanized channel section
• Drive on ramp

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About us

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Our expertise – your solution

As a specialist for the equipment of automotive enterprises and of the automotive industry with standard and special lifting equipment, we supply customers all over the world. Furthermore, our product range includes equipment and services for the supply of lubricants and their disposal. We now also include the food industry in the field of disposal of edible oils to our customers, in addition to auto repair shops, automotive factories and companies in the oil industry.

Worldwide, 250 sales and service partners provide...

...a comprehensive and competent care and support to our customers. We focus on supplying the whole of Europe, including Eastern Europe. And in Asia, in particular the countries Malaysia and Indonesia. Individual and customised consulting of our customers has always been at the centre of our attention.

The company was founded in 1953. Initially, high-quality automotive garage equipment was manufactured at a plant in Halver. The manifested corporate philosophy was to provide durable quality and safe use of the products. This philosophy has been preserved to this day. But not the name; initially known under the brand name "MWH" (Märkisches Werk Halver), today's Consul Werkstattausrüstung GmbH separated from the company MWH in 1986 and has been operating completely independently since then.

In the years 1990/91 a modern manufacturing facility with an office building was built at the Halver site and is available to our customers as a professional development, training and production centre for hands-on workshop equipment. From there we distribute innovative workshop technology, "Made in Germany", at fair market prices.

In 1999 and 2006 the production site has been extened to more than 2000 squaremeters.

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