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Product category: Window films (safety and tinting films)

Sun Protection Films - Sun Protection in Top Quality

The BRUXSAFOL – Folien GmbH provides an excellent climate inside and out.

As a homeowner you would like to protect the environment and save precious resources?
Simply reduce your energy consumption for your air conditioning unit by using BRUXSAFOL sun protection films.
BRUXSAFOL films keep out the heat and so create a more staple room temperature. This relieves your air conditioning unit, reduces your energy costs and CO2 emission and thus protects the environment and your budget at the same time.
With BRUXSAFOL films you can stay cool even when it gets hot.

Large windows and glass areas are an essential part of modern architecture. Granted: Spacious windows give a building a nicer appearance and atmosphere and captivate with a better view.
But exactly these glass areas often bring along (unthought off) drawbacks, for which we can offer the following film solutions thanks to our decade long know-how. All of these features can be combined to meet your special needs. With the help of our individual film solutions, we can improve your comfort, the energy efficiency and also the look:

BRUXSAFOL functional (sun proctection) films can be installed on all window areas. From absolutely invisible to various different shading grades, almost everything is possible with out functional films!

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Product category: Window films (safety and tinting films)

Safety Films

Optimum safety for all windows.

Large windows and glass areas are an integral part of modern architecture admittedly: Spacious window areas give a building more appeal and atmosphere and impress with their improved view.

However, the disadvantages cannot be denied: Due to the multiple uses of glass areas in architecture there naturally is a larger safety gap as with smaller or non-existing glass areas. These disadvantages can be compensated for thanks to our flat glass films. Using our films you can significantly improve your well-being, energy efficiency, safety and the appearance.

BRUXSAFOL-Security Films protect against burglary, property and personal damage.

Glass panes are sensitive areas of a building. Whether vandalism or smash-and-grab raids, they often do not withstand mechanical attacks. Our high quality, extremely resilient films, when professionally installed, offer in combination with the existing glazing an effective resistance against violent attacks.

On the one hand, they can bind dangerous splinters and thus minimize the risk of injury. On the other hand, they can withstand repeated break-in attempts. Our certified films have been tested by material testing laboratories according to European and international standards and reach the highest possible safety film classifications.

Splinter-free Films

If, for example, a stray soccer ball hits a pane of glass coated with safety film, it will break, but the pane does not break into separate splinters. With splinter-free films the effect of binding glass splinters when a pane breaks is caused mainly by the extremely strong glue and the material thickness.

Thus an effective protection against injury and property damage due to glass splinters flying around is achieved. Cuts and puncture wounds due to the formation of splinters are prevented. Compliance with accident prevention regulations (glass walls and doors, shop windows, food industry, etc.)

Film Types clear: 4011, 7011, 8011
Film Types reflective: 410

Scratch Resistance / Anti-Graffiti Films

These films protect glass and other flat surfaces from damage. Even deliberate scratching is caught by the film. Using an adherence reduced acrylic glue it can be again removed without glue residue and can thus be easily replaced after damage.

Use in public transportation (e.g. buses) is due based on an ABG (General Design Certification).

Film Types clear: 701, 702

Impact Resistant Films

Whether break-in, hurricane, vandalism, or explosion pressure wave – our multi-layer safety films made of special tear-resistant polyester (PET) and offer high anti-vandal resistance. The glass will splinter, but not break completely.

The film absorbs the impact energy and is additionally attached firmly to the frame with an edge seal. The splintered glass pane is held as a unit in the frame and cannot be pushed out in one piece.

Film Types clear: 8012, 8014
Films Types reflective: 8112

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