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Laminated glass repair

  • 02  Smart Repair and Car Detailing (Interior/Exterior)
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Headlight restoration

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For over 30 years, GlasWeld has been a leader in providing complete glass repair solutions, from revolutionary equipment to unparalleled training programs and technical support for both the flat glass and automotive industry.
The company’s patented Gforce™ Glass Scratch Removal Systems, G3fusion™ and ecoVac™ Windshield Repair Systems, and Gclear™ Headlight Restoration Systems are distributed worldwide through an international distribution network. GlasWeld’s product lines have been developed based on decades of industry research, development and customer feedback. Because glass repair is intrinsically sustainable, GlasWeld is Dedicated to Preservation and has integrated creative, tangible environmental initiatives into its daily operations. 

Over the years, the GlasWeld glass repair company has continually worked to develop the very best equipment available on the market.

In 2010, GlasWeld introduced its latest innovation in windshield repair, the ecoVac™ Windshield Repair Kit. The ecoVac is a hard-coat anodized aluminium injector utilizing our patented ProVac™ technology, giving technicians excellent results at an economical price point. 


The glass repair industry first began to gather momentum in the early 1970s, when Novus, Inc. licensed one of the first systems that was capable of optically matching glass.
Hap Alexander, a Novus licensee, was trained early on in the new art of glass repair. He saw ways to improve the methods and equipment, and developed proprietary products to advance glass repair quality. He began performing glass repairs with his new system in 1978. In 1982, he founded a glass repair company - GlasWeld, which quickly became an industry leader through its extensive research and development in the field of glass repair and glass protection. 

Over the course of more than a quarter of a century, the GlasWeld glass repair company has recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to windshield repair and glass scratch removal. This need has been, and continues to be addressed through the development of equipment that meets or exceeds all industry recommended and required specifications. From its three areas of expertise… equipment, materials, and training, GlasWeld is an international leader in the glass repair industry. Today, the GlasWeld glass repair company has representation in more than 50 countries around the world, and boasts some of the glass industry’s top names on its client list.

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