AIRTUNE relies on a strong sales partner: Koch-Chemie

The cooperation for the business areas of vehicle detailing and workshops in Germany has been started

Siegen, July 17th, 2019. When detailing a car’s interior, it is particularly important to thoroughly clean all surfaces. However, the areas which cannot be reached by a conventional cleaning, must be considered as well. This is especially true if unpleasant odors and germs have set. In these cases ozone treatments are often used. Many consumers do not know how harmful such a way of cleaning the interior really is. Because the irritant gas "ozone" generated by the application is absolutely hazardous to health for humans and animals and can bring about long-term health consequences. This is particularly important for the employees in the application. In addition, the surfaces in the interior of the vehicle can be attacked and damaged.

AIRTUNE replaces unhealthy ozone

In contrast to harmful ozone, AIRTUNE has developed a user-friendly and environmentally friendly solution, which is distributed in the interior of vehicles and other rooms using specially developed AIRTUNE technology. In this way, interiors are proven to be free from bacteria and germs, e.g. in the depths of the air conditioning and at the same time freed from unpleasant odors. "We have been looking for a long time for a sensible alternative to our ozone deodorizing equipment. But unfortunately so far without satisfactory result. That was different at AIRTUNE from the beginning. Both technology and effect were convincing right from the start, "says Matthias Roth, marketing director of Koch Chemie GmbH.

Using synergy effects - KC takes over distribution for detailing companies and workshops

From now on, Koch-Chemie, one of Germany's leading manufacturers of cleaning and care products for the automotive industry, will be responsible for the distribution of AIRTUNE equipment to vehicle refinishers and vehicle repair shops. "The cooperation is enriching for both parties. With Koch-Chemie GmbH, we have a competent and well-known distribution partner by our side, who in turn can expand his assortment with the high-quality products of AIRTUNE. ", Alexander Schilling, Managing Director of AIRTUNE, is pleased about the cooperation. Koch-Chemie has already taken all ozone generators from its own range and replaced them with products from AIRTUNE. The devices are sold under the name "KC refresher" and the associated agent under the name "KC refresher fluid".

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